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After Balaji rang the BitSignal, Arthur Hayers, the Founder of BitMex, outlines how we’re in one of the most chaotic and pivotal times in the macro landscape that we’ve seen, at least since 2008.

While not fully agreeing with Balaji on his $1M Bitcoin Bet, Hayes agrees directionally. There’s going to be a massive amount of money printed, the government is going to crack down, and the need for self-sovereign digital assets will be critical.

His advice?

Get your Bitcoin, and get out.

Artwork generated from the timestamp [52:52 - 53:15] “There’s all these things that the average person needs, that the government can’t print. If there’s just going to not allocate the losses from all this debt, which is essentially I’m going to take the future and spend it today. So we spent the future — there’s no more future. We have to pay for it. So if you have money inside the system, you will have to pay for it.”

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